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Ask Dr. Mehra

Dr. Sanjay Mehra

Dr. Sanjay Mehra

Before I became a Husband, a Father and a Doctor, I was a child–just like you.
It is surprising how similar we are all as children, no matter when or where we grew up.
Here are some of the questions that children have asked me over the years.

Tammy S. (4 years old) of Hunter’s Creek asks: “What was your favorite toy when you
were four years old?”
My favorite toy was my Bicycle.

Jackson C. (4 years old) of St. Cloud asks:
“What were your favorite stories?”
My favorite stories were about Robin Hood, and my favorite cartoon character was Dennis the Menace. I also loved all of the Walt Disney characters and movies.

Sheri K. (5 years old) of Southwest Orlando asks:
“What was your favorite game?”
My brother, sister and I always liked to play Hide and Go Seek.

Gloria D. (10 years old) of Hunter’s Creek asks:
“What were your favorite subjects in school?”
Biology was my favorite subject in school. I also enjoyed Math and Chemistry. My parents knew I was going to be a Doctor

Ricky P. (8 years old) of Kissimmee asks:
“Did you always want to be a doctor?”
That is a really good question. The answer is “yes”. My grandfather and both of my parents were very well known doctors, and discussions about science and medicine were always around me when I grew up.

Anthony M. (7 years old) of Hunter’s Creek asks:
“How many brothers and sisters do you have?”
I have one younger brother and I have one younger sister.

Eric R. (9 years old) of Hunter’s Creek asks:
“What was your favorite sport?”
My favorite sport was cricket. It is a lot like baseball.

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